Accessible Travel in Wellington

Some tips for accessible travel while in Wellington.

"Over 800,000 New Zealanders have a disability of some kind, and this does not include older people (of which we will all be one!), parents with young children, people with temporary injuries or illnesses, and visitors from overseas who may have limited understanding of the English language and the Kiwi culture." Be.Accessible

An access customer can be someone with a hearing or visual impairment, someone who uses a wheelchair, older people, a parent with a stroller, or someone with a learning disability. There are many wonderful properties in Wellington that offer fantastic options for accessible accommodation while your travelling around NZ.

Wellington City Council offers a number of free mobilty scooters around Wellington for travellers to hire at no cost - for the full list of locations head to their website.

There is also an Accessible Wellington map available, which highlights key accesible areas and features of Wellington.

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