Climbing elephants!

Rock climbing at Elephant Rocks in the Waitaki region.

They are weird, bold and MASSIVE!  The Elephant Rocks are a place to visit.  I was captured by its beauty and, well being a climber, its climbing!  The backdrop of the Kakanui mountains set the place well.  In winter the mountains are covered in snow and a place to crosscounty ski, in summer a place to tramp and mountain bike.  Just to top the place off, the surf is only 40 minutes away!  A place to live and of course play!

Anyway back to the Elephants!   Elephant Rocks have a similar look to the boulders at Quantum Field, Caste Hill, with two main differences: Not so much mantleing and the Elephants have sharp, shell lined mono pocs. Take your tape! There are about 600 problems here up to v7,the majority are below v4.  The landings are good and a new toilet has just been built, which shows its popularity. 

This area was also used in a number of recent films like The Lion Witch and the Wardrobe.  It was in the bow and arrow training scene.

And why is it called Elephant rocks? I guess it must be that one of the boulders looks like an elephant.  You will also find a duck, alien, cow and many faces.

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