Cruising in Luxury - The new Frontier of Sailing...

From a means of transport, to a way to experience beautiful 100% New Zealand in luxury, sailing is no longer for just the explorers of the world.

Sail·ing  (n).

1. The skill required to operate and navigate a vessel; navigation.

2. The sport of operating or riding in a sailboat.

3. Departure or time of departure from a port. 

Traditionally, sailing has been laboriousand adventure focused, used by early explorers to venture into untouched areas of the world, often in extreme weather conditions. The earliest record of a vessel under sail was represented on a painted disk found in Kuwait, dating back to the 5th Millennium BC. Early sailing vessels were somewhat primal in nature, with captains and sailors only just beginning to understand wind forces and the required sail orientation. Now, in the 21st Century, sailing is not the central mode of intercontinental travel as it once was. Instead, sailing has become mainly used for sport such as the America's Cup Regatta and for leisure.

While sailing vessels essentially need some fundamental components such as a mast and sails to be deemed 'sailable', there are wide variations between yachts that can separate the common pleasure craft from the opulent and luxurious vessel. There is an excellent example of one such extravagant sail-boat located near Rotorua in the Bay of Plenty region. Docked on the sparkling waters of Lake Rotoiti, the luxury catamaran Tiua is situated, operated by the team at Pure Cruise.

Tiua is 53ft long and features natural wood interiors, two guest cabins, three bathrooms, a lounge area and a fully stocked bar facility. The spacious on deck areas allow guests to relax in style, resting on beanbags or sitting on the woven nets suspended between the hulls. There is an integrated sound system, operational kitchen and of course superior service provided by the award winning crew.

While the catamaran itself exudes effortless luxury, new partnerships with other transportation providers has elevated Pure Cruise to a league of its own, giving customers a new experience in sailing. From float plane transfers to helicopter drop off’s, sailing now includes the transportation to and from the vessel itself. There are also options for the more adventurous in spirit such as jet boat rides from the neighboring Lake Rotorua to Tiua, giving adrenalin junkies a thrill before their relaxing charter.

If you want to experience all that luxury eco-sailing has to offer, why don’t you experience sailing grandeur at its best for yourself at Pure Cruise

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