Discovering Beautiful Hanmer Springs

If you love crisp mountain air, spectacularly blue cloudless skies, larch forests and life at walking pace, Hanmer Springs is for you.

If you love crisp mountain air, spectacularly blue cloudless skies, larch forests and the deep relaxation that comes from soaking in natural mineral hot pools ... Hanmer Springs village is your spirit home.

This very special alpine village is the perfect package for anyone wanting to truly unwind from city stress, or the constant need to travel ever onwards to keeping seeing 'more'.

Sometimes you just want that kind of escape where you can arrive at your destination, let out a deep breathe and just 'be'.

As owners of the Hanmer Springs TOP 10, we see the expressions on our guests faces change after they have been here a few days.

The pressures of everyday life fall away, as they soak up the beauty of this place and the pace of life slows right down to a leisurely walk down the main street, or with a little more exertion, up Conical Hill to truly appreciate the panoramic views.

Anyone wanting to cover a little more ground hires one of our bikes to go and explore the trails, or heads down the main street for the luxury of having someone else pedal them around for a while.

Hanmer is not a place for anyone seeking busy nightlife and lots of social action - but definitely has outdoor action to experience - from 4x4 adventures to jetboating, bungy jumping and simply exploring the best of NZ scenery by foot or bike.

And if you enjoy a game of golf or wine tasting, you can do that here too - who needs to travel all the way to Queenstown!

We are proud to be part of the the Hanmer experience and look forward to hosting you while you are here.

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