Hiking Trips in the Southern Alps

Hiking in New Zealand is an experience like no other. There is no better way to take in this amazing destination than by foot.

There is little doubt that some of the world's finest alpine hiking is found in the South Island of New Zealand. A region of untamed beauty with alpine meadows that extend to the glaciers and snowfields beneath the picture perfect summits of Mt Cook, Mt Aspiring and other peaks that form the Southern Alps.  This is a true adventure wonderland.

Over the years I have trekked many areas of the country and most of those trips have been guided. I truly enjoy the luxury of a local experience and the companionship of a group. But perhaps the main reason I choose to join a group is the experience of the local guides. Travelers who are used to hiking wilderness trails may initially want to hike independently, however when traveling to the untamed areas of the South Island and Mt Cook, I highly recommend a local guide and group trip.

No where in the world can the weather patterns move in so quickly and unexpectedly. Yes I am talking about summer time in New Zealand! As a Kiwi friend once reminded me; “There’s nothing separating New Zealand and Antarctica except for Ocean”.

If you are a true trekker at heart, why don’t include a heli-hike and really get into a remote ridgeline and see stunning views of lakes and mountains. Exploring Mt. Cook is a must as there is nothing like the history and connection to Sir Edmund Hillary to stir up your adventurous spirit.

A trekking trip of 5 or 6 days would serve you well and give you a fantastic introduction to all the South Island has to offer. Some of the most interesting itineraries will start in Christchurch and end in Queenstown.

The idea of a several days in a remote region is a true escape from our busy world but don’t forget to treat yourself to a few days of more adventure and fine living in Queenstown.

My favorite home away from home is the St. Moritz, situated perfectly close to Lake Wakatipu.

Don’t forgot to ask for a room with a Lake View!