Huia Dam Road

Relaxed walk in mixed ground to the Huia Dam

Time: 1.25 hours

Type: Tramping Track

Distance: 6.0 km


From locked gate on top of Lower Huia Dam, graveled road initially meanders besides reservoir, before climbing steeply over small hill, then follows Huia Valley by-passing Smiths Road (30 minutes) and Christies Track (50 minutes) to Upper Huia Dam. NB: The gates at the entrance to the dam are now locked at all times and visitors can no longer drive past this point. Walkers should add about 15 minutes to all track times if starting from this point.

What to expect:

Walking tracks will:

* have easy to moderate grades with drained surfaces, generally consisting of a compacted and drained surfaces.
* be well sign-posted with directional signs at track entrances and junctions and have safety signs where required.

Walking tracks may:

* have steps on excessively steep areas.
* have timber boardwalks and bridges over permanent wet areas and waterways.
* have seats and maintained views at areas of interest.
* Walking tracks should be suitable for people with reasonable fitness levels.

Great views back down the valley and of Huia Bay from the top of the dam. There are also a number of open areas along the road all the way to the Upper Huia Dam.
Wheelchair access:
Pram access:
Yes - This track follows a gravel service road closed to public vehicles. There are uphill sections with a rougher surface so the track is more suitable to buggies with larger wheels than strollers. Note: The track from the bottom of the Upper Huia Dam to the top is not suitable for prams.
There are toilets situated o the right hand side of the road about 30 metres past the Parau Track entrance if heading towards the dam from the gates.
Drinking water:
The closest place to get drinking water is from the Huia Store however we recommend bringing water from home in a reusable drinking bottle.


To get there:

Take the North-Western Motorway to the Great North Rd Exit. Follow Great North Rd onto Ash St which leads onto Rata St. Take Titirangi Rd right through Titirangi Village to the roundabout. Take Huia Rd, travel through Laingholm and Parau to Huia.