In search of kingies

The clear waters of The Coromandel are home to some giant kingfish, providing the perfect hunting ground for that wily and spectacular denizen of the deep.

Fishers of all ages and ambitions flock to The Coromandel, in search of the oine that got away.  One of the top big game opertaors is Epic Adventures. They are experts in tracking the wily Kingfish athat abound in the offshore waters. At the start of the day the skippers catch as many live-bait as possible then head out to the fishing grounds about 20 km’s off shore. There are lots of beautiful islands up and down this coast and often they go out close to the Aldermen,  a small group of rocky islets to the southeast of Mercury Bay.

The skippers' personalised tuition gives you the best chance of landing these hard fighting fish, one of the most exhilerating fishing experiences around.

Epic skippers fish The Coromandel waters most days of the week, even on their days off, using sophisticated sounding equipment, and specialised knowledge and experience, to locate underwater reefs where the large fish congregate. All this expertise and local knowledge definitely ups the chances of catching the fish of a lifetime.

Epic Adventures maintain sustainable fishing practices, encouraging fishers to “catch and release”, especially the big ones, the breeding stock. It’s not uncommon to re-catch previously tagged fish. Epic also participate  in “Bluewater Marine” research and share their data so fishers can be assured they are not negatively affecting the stocks of these beautiful fish.