Kumeu & Muriwai beaches

Kumeu offers picturesque farmland, orchards, vineyards. Muriwai, beyond the vineyards of Kumeu, is a black sand beach with vast untamed natural beauty


The countryside of Kumeu is a refreshing blend of green farmland, orchards and vineyards. The road leading in and out of Kumeu is lined with road-side fruit and vegetable sellers - a great place to stop for delicious, fresh produce. Also surrounding Kumeu are a number of wineries - many of them among the oldest wineries in Auckland. A few quality places to stop for a bite to eat include BeesOnline Honey Centre Cafe and the boutique brewery, Hallertau Brewbar, Soljans Winery and Allely House Restaurant.




Beyond the wine-growing area of Kumeu and Huapai is the vast black sand beach of Muriwai, popular with surfers.  Muriwai is also home to one of New Zealand's largest onshore gannet (sea bird) colonies, only a short walk along the provided track leads to a viewing platform right above the colony area.  This platform not only provides entertaining sites of the Gannet colony but extensive views of the 60km beach. 

Inland of Muriwai is Woodhill Forest where it is possible for active out-door experience seekers to quad bike and/or mountain bike along the forest tracks. 



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