Learn to Surf in Gisborne

There is something special about the sport of surfing that is unlike any other in the world.

Surfing combines one of the most beautiful & unpredictable elements we know-the ocean, with simple human strength of body and mind.

As world populations expand and the popular sport of surfing builds, New Zealand is becoming one of the best places on earth to learn to surf. Why? Because we have such a variety of surf breaks to choose from, (there are well over 470) and a relatively small population of people, which means that there is more space and therefore a friendlier vibe for our beginners to build their skills.

There are also the wondrous and varied coastlines from those framed by snowy mountains in Kaikoura, to the thermal activity of Hot Water beach, to the first city to see the sun rise over the sea in beautiful Gisborne.

Through surfing, lessons for life are built. A few examples are perseverance, respect, a “can do attitude”, resilience & adaptability.

There are many variables that make the playing field for surfing one that constantly changes, the wind, the wave size, the number of people surfing, the weather & of course the state of body and mind on the day.

It is a challenging sport for the beginner, as it is requires a lot of focus & understanding of the ocean. One of the most exciting things you can do in New Zealand is take a surf lesson and gain tools to safely and fully experience our fantastic coastlines.

Check out one of the most interesting locations off the beaten track in Gisborne, the first city to see the sun! And home to some of New Zealand’s best surfers. I also happen to be from this little sunny city, although no pro in any sport I have a love for surfing & ocean sports.

If New Zealand is ideal for surfing because of uncrowded breaks & being out of the way, then Gisborne is the ideal place in New Zealand to surf, because it is the most isolated little surf city you will ever meet and the breaks......Well there are heaps of them within a small radius of the central city.

If you are a learner, then Gisborne makes for an even more ideal spot, there is a variety of Sand bottom beaches & breaks working in many conditions. So the chances of getting waves even when you book in advance is super good!

 WoW Surf School Gisborne is a good option for new surfers as they are the only surf school in the region run by a female. This is a good thing as surfing has become a bit of a male dominated sport and a women's intuition & perspective is a valuable asset to have around! They have a small team of fun and fully registered surf instructors, both male and female who will help you enjoy the pristine coastlines and show you the time of your life!!

It is off the beaten track, all the good spots are!  Follow Highway 2 from Auckland, the drive is interesting-through small rural towns, coastal cities & beautiful native Waioweka gorge.

Or jump on a plane, its a quick hour flight from either Auckland or Wellington.

Surfing is good for the soul, its an amazing feeling to surf & if you have ever wondered about it, I really encourage you to give it a go.




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