Make Stunning Photographs

Five short tips to make stunning photographs while you travel New Zealand.

  1. Relax and take your time. Enjoy your travel, stop and smell the roses, hug a tree, talk with the locals, smile. Give yourself the time to appreciate your surroundings, when you fly along at 60 mph your seeing is very superficial. Slow down and the photographs will come.
  2. Don’t try to photograph everything. Good photographs come when you feel a wow factor, YES that’s it! The photograph comes out of your experience of the space, not the other way round. Trying to photograph everything will make you too busy to have an authentic experience of this wonderful place.
  3. Pay attention to the quality of the light, more than the weather and other conditions. The light can be beautiful at any time of day and is often at its best in poor weather. Don’t put the camera away because the wind is blowing or the sky is cloudy. While the evening  and morning often offer good light for postcard views, keep looking in the middle of the day and surprise yourself with something different.
  4. Never underestimate your phone camera, almost everyone has one and they do a fine job for social media and small prints. They even have a few advantages over expensive SLR’s such as weight, convenience and depth of field. Good photographs are made by people not devices.
  5. Cultivate an awareness of the edges of the frame. Good photographs are often spoiled by poor framing. The things you exclude or partially exclude from a photograph are at least as important as the content.

Quietlight operates from Te Anau and offers photo tours of the Milford road, Mavora Lakes and the Southern Scenic Route.

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