New Zealand: The Adventure Begins

A video that includes aerial, land, and underwater footage showing the beauty of New Zealand.

Around 7 years ago my wife lived in NZ for 1 yr with a working holiday visa, and ever since I met my wife she has wanted to return to and share this very special country with me. It took us almost 5 years to visit since we had just finished graduate school and had some hefty debt.  We were lucky enough to get enough time off and save up for a 2-3 month trip. Our plan was to spend 1 month on the North Island and 1-2 months on the South Island.

We flew into Auckland and spent the first couple of nights with some friends my wife had made from her previous trip, while we searched the city for a used car.  We were planning to buy a used car so that we could go where we wanted to when we wanted to and to save money (as long as you know how to offload the car before you leave).  Once we bought the car, which was a minivan we named Rosie, we started to head north towards Cape Reinga.  Some of the highlights of the North Island included the whole northern tip around Cape Reinga, Raglan, the Coromandel, the west coast around Taranaki, Rotorua, Tongariro NP, and Wellington. We then proceeded to the South Island via the ferry and met my in-laws and our best friend from graduate school for the next 6 weeks.  My in-laws traveled in a camper van that they rented and our friend came with us in the car. We spent most nights in holiday parks camping in tents that we brought or staying in small cabins. Some highlights from the South Island included Abel Tasman, the Farewell Spit region, Wanaka/Queenstown, Mt. Cook, Kaikoura, Christchurch, Arthurs Pass, the pancake rocks, Milford Sound, the Kepler Great Walk, the Routeburn Great Walk, Dunedin, and the Catlins.  The purpose of this article wasn't to give you a full rundown and details about our trip but to talk a little bit more about the video that should be attatched to this article.

My wife has always loved photography and soon after I met her I became very interested in photography and videography.  Before leaving for the trip to NZ we made the decision to purchase a quadcopter to capture aerial images and video of this gorgeous country.  We brought the quadcopter with us to NZ, which was an adventure of its own to get it through airport security, carrying it with us hiking in a backpack (the quacopter was wrapped in bubble wrap to keep it safe), and flying it in ever increasingly challenging situations. Soon after filming a few locations in NZ and watching the footage, it made it very clear how beautiful the country was from land and from above. It also made me think about putting together a documentary of aerial footage from NZ. The video attached took us almost 4-5 months to edit since we were newbies with the complicated editing programs as well as combing through almost 500gb of footage, but it was well worth it in the end.  Ultimately the main reason for our trip was to experience NZ, so many of the places we went were not flimned due to weather, not wanting to bring the quadcopter on backpacking trips, or just choosing to enjoy and be in the moment rather than focusing on 'capturing' it.  We thought that this site would be a great place to share our video giving a small glimpse of the beauty of NZ's landscapes, wildlife, and adventure for all of step foot in this country .  Enjoy!!!


Dan and Bri

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