Nga Haerenga, The New Zealand Cycle Trail

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The New Zealand Cycle Trail project has been created to generate lasting economic, social and environmental benefits for New Zealand communities through a network of world-class cycling experiences. 

The concept of a national cycle trail came out of the February 2009 job summit. The idea was to build a network of cycle trails that would not only be a healthy and enjoyable way for Kiwis and international visitors to see the country but would also provide economic, social and environmental benefits for New Zealand communities. 

Some months later, it was clear the New Zealand public were behind the idea when a national survey showed that four out of five New Zealanders supported the project. The Government invested $50 million into the New Zealand Cycle Trail project over three financial years (2009-2011).

The brand Nga Haerenga means “the journey’s”, both in a physical and spiritual sense, and this is exactly the sort of experience we want visitors to New Zealand to enjoy.

All 23 Great Rides on the New Zealand Cycle Trail project have now had their funding confirmed. This means all trails are either under construction or have even been completed. This is a significant milestone for the project, which has captured the imagination and support of communities around the country. 

These 23 Great Rides are expected to provide more than 2,000km of trail once completed. 

The targeted co-funding for the 23 Great Rides of around $30 million also demonstrates the significant commitment of the local communities involved.

The initial focus of the project was to develop a series of “Great Rides”. The Great Rides will complement our 100% Pure New Zealand brand and help attract international tourists. In the longer term, it is envisaged that the Great Rides will be progressively linked with other cycling routes and facilities, and will cater for a range of cycling abilities, types and purposes.

The Government is investing in the New Zealand Cycle Trails to help develop a product that will meet the demands of visitors in the future. Trips along the cycle trail will enable people to take their time, get off the beaten track, meet local people and enjoy our scenery. 

The real benefits to New Zealand communities will come once all of the trails are completed and the positive economic impact for the communities involved is expected to be significant. 

These trails will showcase the very best that New Zealand has to offer in terms of our landscapes, culture and communities. They will be a key draw-card for both international and domestic visitors, and add a further dimension to our vibrant tourism sector.