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The success of any event depends on hard work and excellent planning. Here are a few tips to make sure that your Auckland conference planning goes smoothly

The success of any event depends on hard work and excellent planning. Here are a few tips to make sure that your Auckland conference planning goes smoothly and that your event is a resounding success.

Begin planning as early as possible, ideally a year before the conference date. The more time you have the easier it will be to consider all the aspects which need to be prepared to make your Auckland conference a memorable event. Remember that there are periods throughout the year where the greatest number of conferences and events take place, so booking early is essential if you wish to secure the right Auckland venue to host your event.

There are three key things to consider when planning an event; the date, the budget and most important of all, the venue. As soon as you have a rough idea of how many attendees you need to accommodate, a basic conference plan, a date timeframe and a top figure for your budget you need to find that perfect Auckland venue. Looking on the internet for the right Auckland function venue to hire can be overwhelming with so many different options available. Whether you are looking to accommodate a large number of participants in a modern setting in the city centre or close to the harbour, or if you wish to impress your colleagues in an iconic heritage building, Auckland has a venue to suit your needs.

Organizing a large event for over 200 participants will require a team of people to cover all the requirements, and careful groundwork is essential to the success of your event. Dividing and delegating the different organizational aspects will ensure that each area is adequately covered and effective liaisons within the team means that nothing will be left to chance.

Participants, speakers and guests all need to be identified, located, invited and confirmed. Consider how many are coming from out of town and need somewhere to stay. If you are looking to provide meals our event coordinator can connect you with the best catering services or if you are only planning on offering drinks and snacks she can help you plan the best way to present them. Remember to offer options for participants with special dietary needs.

Make sure you liaise thoroughly with your conference venues staff to ensure that the room layouts and floor plans make the best use of the space available. Making sure that all technology such as projectors, microphones, lighting and computers are working perfectly before the event is essential and our event coordinator can make those final checks for you to ensure that your Auckland conference runs smoothly. Be sure to check with all your speakers as to exactly what each one will need. The security and orientation of your participants is another very important factor so you will need to ensure that your venue can organise trained staff on hand to guarantee the comfort and ease of all your Auckland conference participants.

On the day of the conference, the registration process should be fast and the name tags efficiently distributed. Your participants should all receive a clear conference plan, and make sure that basic essentials like paper, pens, staples, scissors and tape are abundant and easily locatable.

With a good team, careful planning and the perfect Auckland venue, you can be sure that your Auckland conference will be remembered for all the right reasons.

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