Queenstown's Top Campground

Creeksyde Holiday Park is located so you can walk to Central Queenstown easily. it is a dramatic spot to enjoy on its own with great owners and staff.

Take a person who has been involved for years in environmental protection coupled with a plumber husband who has an artistic vision of his trade materials and odd pieces of machinery........ then take a piece of Queenstown real estate and develop a holiday park……… what do you have?

The world’s first environmentally certified holiday park that not only has fabulous giant trees and bush right in the middle of Queenstown but a park full of exciting metal sculptures worth strolling around the place and discovering.

Most of the sculptures are serving a functional purpose such as the wishing well fountain or the washer/dryer house while others are there for artistic value. None of them are disappointing to the eye all done in a very whimsical fashion. If you are lucky to meet the plumber turned artist,Tonnie Spykerbosch, you will see the twinkle in his eye and the smile on his face. Erna just sent me a photo of a new barbecue he had installed. Have to see it to get the full effect.

As far as the environmental aspect Erna has worked long and hard to see her patch of turf has always been well taken care of from a personal concept long before it became fashionable. Just imagine a holiday park in the middle of Queenstown, to begin with, and then having it named as an environmentally certified park - the first in the world! Quite an amazing accomplishment but not unusual for the two people involved who have dedicated all their energy to make this spot a place one wants to stay at when visiting Queenstown especially those of us with camper vans and mobile homes.

They also have created a lot of startling accommodations as far as their paint and exterior designs are concerned and all impeccably taken care of. A large and hard working pleasant staff make sure all is clean and tidy and your stay is pleasant and enjoyable.

If you ever have been here you know how hard it is to get around the streets and find a parking place. Staying at Creeksyde it is but a short and pleasant walk to the centre of the downtown area.

They have put as much attention into their buildings, accommodations, ablution blocks as the rest keeping an eye to detail and making sure you will be impressed with the quality of it all. The sites are mostly shaded by large giant trees and are all weather surfaced.

You can take advantage of some of the barbecue complexes in the park plus there is also the spa and sauna that serves well especially if you happened to take advantage of some of Queenstown’s adventure thrills such as the luge….

Twenty years ago Tonnie and Erna were told they were crazy when then began the camp and particularly to maintain the trees and bush as they have. It looks to me as they have the last laugh. It is one of the most enjoyable parks we visit in our travels and even more so when we can be in Queenstown. Staying at Creeksyde allows us to come back from downtown to the camp and enjoy the peace and quiet of the place. An oasis in the middle of chaos as we call it.

They have made it easy to enjoy all the time you are here. Just make sure you book ahead. Lots of travellers stop by and it fills early being as Queenstown is the top destination for all visitors to the South Island.