The Best Way To See Milford Sound: Fly From Wanaka

There are many different ways to see the spectacular Milford Sound and while flying is arguably the best, the question is: which flight path is the best?

Planning your travels can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when there are so many voices on the internet. If you’re planning to travel to New Zealand, it’s likely that you have heard visiting Milford Sound is a ‘must-do’.

Milford Sound is the top tourist attraction in New Zealand; thousands of people make the trip to Fiordland National Park to cruise through the iconic landscape. The pictures on the internet simply don’t do it justice.

There’s a debate of whether people should fly or drive to Milford Sound, and while both are fantastic, there is nothing like flying above the Southern Alps and seeing alpine lakes, glaciers and majestic snowcapped mountains up close and personal. Furthermore, flying saves you time, while taking a bus requires a full day of travel.

The real question is: What flight path is the best?

Below are 8 key advantages when you choose to fly to Milford Sound from Wanaka. 

1. When you leave from Wanaka, you get longer air time both ways (45 minutes each way).
2. On the way to Milford, you pass over the stunning Lake Wanaka
3. Your flight passes by majestic Mount Aspiring and its pristine glaciers and alpine lakes
4. You also get a really good view of the West Coast when flying into Fjordland
5. On the way back from Milford Sound, you take an entirely different flight path where you get to see the Dart River Valley, Glenorchy and Lord of the Rings film locations
6. You traverse two of New Zealand’s most beautiful national parks
7. You pass by the famous Roy’s Peak flying back to Wanaka
8. You take off and land at the gorgeous Wanaka airport – home to New Zealand’s first scientific space balloon launch with NASA.

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