Tips For Staying In Camping Grounds Around New Zealand

With a multitude of camping grounds scattered, it is no small wonder that the humble camping trip has become such a staple part of seeing New Zealand.

With such a multitude of camping grounds scattered all throughout New Zealand, it is no small wonder that the humble camping trip has become such a staple part of seeing the country. Tourists and locals alike regularly take to our camp grounds all year round, combining the warm hospitality and excellent facilities of a Kiwi Holiday Park with the simplicity of camping.

While the kiwi spirit is generally to just get amongst it and assume everything will work out wonderfully, it is always wise to keep your wits about you when visiting any camping ground in NZ. To this end, here are a couple of our favourite camping tips; follow these simple suggestions and we guarantee you will have an adventure you won't soon forget.

Prepare for the Elements

Packing well and preparing for where you are headed seems a simple enough idea, but you would be surprised at how many travellers often realise they should have brought more with them when it's too late. New Zealand is a majestic country, with breathtaking landscapes at every turn and scenic vistas that rival anything the imagination can conjure. That being said, New Zealand is also known for having a volatile weather pattern, unpredictably switching between seasons from one minute to the next. As any local will tell you, New Zealand can at times experience four seasons in one day.

Pack Well, Live Comfortably

What this means for anyone staying at a camping ground in New Zealand, is that they should ensure that they are covered for all basic shifts in the weather. Even if you are travelling in the middle of summer, pack a parka or raincoat of some sort; the last thing you want is to be camping outside and get caught in the rain. Also ensure you have a couple of different options for shoes, especially if you intend to go tramping or bush walking on your travels. Use common sense and you will no doubt have an amazing time regardless of the weather.

Travel with the Seasons

It is also wise to make a note of when the busy periods are for tourists within New Zealand. Traditionally, this is the New Zealand summer (roughly November until February), so keep in mind that you may need to book your camping ground early in order to avoid disappointment.

Treat Yourself

Kiwi Holiday Park camping grounds are of the highest quality, providing convenient, scenic locations which are perfect for setting up base and seeing more of the country. Our cabins and self-contained rooms are extremely affordable as well. Why not treat yourself to a night or two indoors to change things up on your travels. Most of all though, remember to have fun and explore!