Travel New Zealand in Style - Northland

Travel New Zealand in style on your own private tour. In this article we feature the Bay of Islands - known as the Winterless North - and its many wonders.

So, where to begin travelling this wonderful land you ask yourself...

Well most people either fly into Auckland or Christchurch, the two main gateways to New Zealand. These airports have daily international flights to and from various cities in Australia and also various ports in Asia such as Singapore, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur which serve as gateways for those travellers flying here from Europe.

Enjoy Auckland

Starting out, I would thoroughly recommend spending a day in the wonderful city of Auckland, dubbed 'The City Of Sails'. It is estimated that around 1/4 people own a boat in this city that is flanked by the Tasman Sea on the west coast and the Pacific Ocean on the east coast.

For a city tour I would suggest a drive up to Mt Eden which is one of the viewpoints of Auckland and a great view of the harbour and Rangitoto Island in the backdrop. Most of Auckland - such as Mt Eden - actually sits on extinct volcanoes.

I would then suggest a visit to the harbour bridge and Ponsonby Yacht Club to take a gander at the various million dollar machines that rest in the harbour. This was also the scene for the Americas Cup race that served to be a great party by all that experienced this wonderful event both on the shore and floating round on yachts in the bay drinking champagne.

Heading North

Heading north on your way to the Bay Of Islands, why not check out the Kauri Museum?

This museum goes into the history of New Zealand's oldest tree and its significance over time and how the various uses of it have changed from bleeding gum from the stems in the 1800s, through to the preservation programme that exists today to try and preserve these wonderful trees.


 Further north you reach the town of Kawakawa, known for the Fredrik Hundertwasser toilets. Hundertwasser was an Austrian architect that was so well known in Vienna that he decided to move out to New Zealand where he had the promise of a more anonymous life. He lived here in his later years up until the point that he died while out at sea on a cruise ship in 2000.


Paihia, known as the gateway to the Bay Of Islands is a beautiful town also dubbed as part of the winterless north, where it is actually possible to experience sub-tropical temperatures and very mild winters, this is a key attraction for those of us in the South Island looking for a getaway.

Here one might try and even take a cruise on the old tall ship.

This is just a taste of what New Zealand has to offer. If you would like to know more about taking a tour in New Zealand, we offer private tours that are tailor-made exclusively to your group. The great thing about this is that we can adjust all activities along the way to suit your group and your group only. We stay in a wide range of accommodation according to your budget.

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I look forward to welcoming you to my country.

Chris Cameron

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