What to wear Hiking in New Zealand

What to wear hiking in New Zealand - Gidday, I'm Andrew from New Zealand Trails with my tips to help you get ready for your 'World Heritage Walking Tour'.

What to wear hiking in New Zealand - Video Transcript:

Gidday! I'm Andrew from New Zealand Trails back again today with a few tips to help you get ready for your 'World Heritage Walking Tour'.  We're going to look at what you need to bring for your clothing and your footwear.

Starting at the bottom, I like to walk with a good, sturdy pair of hiking boots. You can have this type or the softer type, but I definitely recommend one with ankle support and waterproof sole and upper.

Socks, a couple of pairs of socks, two or three pairs. I like to have nice thick socks, ones that dry quickly, and always carry a spare pair with me in my pack, but not the thin, thin ones. And comfort is the most important thing for footwear, so work out what works for you at home before you leave. That's always a great idea.

Now when I'm walking, I like to wear a pair of quick-dry, light, long trousers. Some Kiwis love to walk in their shorts, and if that's your preference, bring a pair of shorts. If not, a pair of lightweight hiking trousers is what I recommend.

Now, for your top half, a base layer like this, a t-shirt like this, and I like Merino Wool. It's really warm and breathes really well, so it's cool if it's hot and warm if it's cold. So you want a couple of t-shirts, long-sleeve or short-sleeve, as you need.

Let's go above your base layer, what we call the shell. So either this zip-up type, or like a Merino type pullover is also a great idea. You definitely need one nice, comfortable shell garment. A couple of other things I find really helpful – obviously a hat. So when I'm walking, I'll carry three different hats every single day. One will be a wide-brimmed hat, which is great if it's really sunny, or even if it's raining, I'll use that. Most days, a cap and also a warm hat, which I use as well. Gloves, I'll always have a pair of gloves with me. I actually have two: a nice, warm pair of gloves, the woolen type with the fingers, and then I have a mitten that goes over the top if it's windy.

Now, what I like to take when I'm out hiking is this kind of thing here, which is a dry bag. So all of the clothing that you're taking with you goes inside, close it up, and there you go. It's really easy to get out, and you've got that extra layer of protection from the weather if you need it.

A couple of other little things which you might find useful – a towel. Now, all of the hotels and lodges we stay in on the trip of course have towels, but it's always good to have one with you, the quick-dry type, in your backpack. I always carry a pair of the long-john type, the Merino wool or the polypropylene long-johns, the long underwear type of trousers. I've always got a pair of those with me. And of course, sunglasses. Never leave home without them.

So that's pretty much what I get ready for every hike we go on, on the trip. So I hope that's been helpful, and we look forward to seeing you here soon. Cheers!

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