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One, two or three people can swoop at any one time. One of you will have to pull the ripcord. You must be at least 1 metre tall. You will scream and laugh all the way down.


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The Swoop consists of specially designed hang gliding harnesses where you are cocooned inside. One, two or three people can participate in a Swoop at one time, the more people the better the ride.

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You nominate who pulls the ripcord on command and you are winched 40 meters sky high above the Ngongotaha Stream. Your jumpmaster will call ‘ready on the ripcord’ and as you release yourself, you plunge towards the earth at 130kmph.
This is definitely a ride that will get your heart pumping!


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Dirección física

Swoop - Agroventures Adventure Park, 1335 Paradise Valley Road, Ngongotaha, Rotorua Central, Rotorua, 3072, New Zealand.

Horario de apertura

Horario comercial:
9.00am - 5.00pm, 7 days. Will extend hours for large groups on application. Closed Christmas Day.
Meses de funcionamiento:
Todos los meses del año

Instalaciones y características

Proximidad con el aeropuerto:
35 mins from Rotorua Airport
Proximidad con el terminal de autobuses turísticos:
10 mins north of Rotorua i-Site
Proximidad con el pueblo:
10 mins north of Rotorua City

Precios y condiciones

Adulto $49.00
Más información sobre precios:
The Swoop can also be purchased as part of an adventure package in conjunction with other rides at the park such as the Bungy, Agrojet, Freefall Xtreme or Shweeb. Purchasing more than one ride provides a cheaper package price than buying on an individual basis. Packages range from $79 - $189pp. We also have family packages available where rides can be shared amongst the family.

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