4 Hours To Experience A Taste Of Marlborough

Sun, sea, scenery and seafood

So what if you don’t have much time in Marlborough – you basically only need half a day to experience sun, scenery, sea and seafood. My trip began around 8am driving to Havelock and turning into Queen Charlotte Drive.

Our destination was Ohingaroa Bay where we were set to experience self drive boats with Waterway Safaris. Sounds like fun – yip it sure was. I was extremely hesitant at first – I am a experienced driver when it comes to cars and I unlike a lot of kiwi women (and men for that matter) can actually back a trailer.

But when it comes to boats – mmm maybe not so gifted. For some reason by brain could not think left meant you turned right and right meant you turned left. I did kind of master this in the end and had the most awesome time out exploring bays, mussel farms, birdlife and scenery.

Unfortunately it all came to an end all too fast but I will be back! We then head to the charming Havelock. Havelock when I was growing up was had some real characters there and now it seems that character has rubbed off on the many cafes and restaurants.

I was looking forward to stopping here as I knew that Heidi’s Treats had relocated there from Blenheim some time ago. When I use to stop in at Heidi’s in Blenheim I would not only come out with the item ( normally a Dutch cheese called Leyden) on my shopping list but there also would be things like stroope and Belgium chocolate! Heidis has changed – for the better I am happy to say.

Its now a licensed café & bistro but the gorgeous deli and small goods still remain. The shop is quaint and not only seating inside but a lovely deck to enjoy al fresco dining. So what to order? Well there is a range of snacks and meals some with the Euro influence and some with that Havelock icon – the greenshell mussel. So the saying “when in Rome” came to mind so seafood chowder it was.

Now I am quite fussy when it comes to chowder and don’t tolerate things like carrot and peas in it and certainly it must not be the consistency of wallpaper glue! Heidi’s chowder was impressive – infact it was more than that – it had terrakihi, prawns, calamari and of course mussels!

I could have another helping but would have been embarrassing in front of the rest of my table. Mind you they were enjoying the amazing applestrudel and chocolate cherry cake! So next time you are in Havelock check out Heidi’s – on the main road.