5 Reasons Why You Should Backpack In New Zealand

New Zealand might be a heavenly destination for all comers but it extends an especially warm welcome to free-spirited backpackers.

This is a land with fun, adventure and opportunity written over every inch of its wonderfully varied terrain.

1. An infrastructure just made for backpackers.

It has....... 

  • hostels of every kind tucked into even the most far-flung corners
  • a range of hop-on hop-off buses covering some incredible routes
  • the well-developed 'Great Walks' and 'NZ Cycle Trails' networks offering multi-day wilderness escape 
  • a landscape as varied and stunning as it gets anywhere on the planet – puffing volcanoes, glaciers, soaring mountains, hushed lakes, plunging waterfalls, idyllic beaches, lush forests, natural hot pools and much more
  • tours and experiences of every kind, for every budget 

2. There is adventure and excitement around every corner

Adrenalin junkies rejoice - this is your ultimate playground covering land, air and water. From abseiling to zorbing NZ truly offers an astonishing A-Z of activities - of both the conventional and Kiwi-invented kinds - to get your heart thumping. If throwing yourself from a great height, racing along at incredible speeds or even catapulting yourself across a canyon appeals – this is the land for you.

3. As safe as it gets

Coming in the global top 5 of safest countries to live, NZ is also blissfully free of any poisonous creepy-crawlies, snakes and spiders. All of this equates ultimately to heaps of fun without any worries of this kind getting in the way.

4. A great place to combine work and play

With a working holiday visa scheme offered to a whopping 41 countries, NZ is a great place to head if you want to keep the fun coming while topping up the travel funds as well. You might find yourself mixing cocktails in a Christchurch bar, harvesting apples in Hawke's Bay or helping shear sheep in the Southland.

5. Meet tons of like-minded souls

No worries heading out solo here. NZ is full of travellers – many of the flying solo variety - so meeting each other in hostels and on tours, exchanging stories and advice along with forming life-long friendships is the norm. You can't be lonely for long here.

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