Best Coffee Ever

In a country famous for excellent coffee, one of the best cups you can have is at Steam in historic Oamaru.

New Zealand has developed a reputation for excellent coffee in recent years. Travelers emerging bleary-eyed from a long flight into the airport are often surprised that even in the airport you cannot find a bad cup of coffee.

In a country where coffee culture has taken hold so strongly, it's no surprise that even in a small town like Oamaru there are no fewer than three cafés on the main street.

But one of these stands out--Steam. Of course Steam's coffee is outstanding--it's roasted on-site using a beautiful coffee roaster from Turkey that sits proudly in the front of the café. In addition to great coffee, Steam also offers delicious interesting food, also made on site.

But best of all is the friendly welcome that all comers receive from Steam staff. Whether you're a regular or a tourist you're sure to receive a hearty Kiwi welcome and be made to feel right at home.