Charming Creek - a day walk for all ages!

This walk has it all - spectacular scenery, a great story about money and determination. And you can mountainbike it!

I love this walk - I do parts of it almost every day and never get sick of it.  It changes as rain, clouds and mist come and go in the beautiful region of Buller (the northern West Coast of the  South Island) where I live.

Charming Creek Walk  is rated one of the top five day walks in the South Island.  I know you’ll love it.  I walk it almost every day in all its moods from sun to storm.  It has it all - amazing scenery and the story of the Watson Brothers, two early Scottish settlers, who carved out the private railway the track is built on. Their coal and timber operations ran from 1914 to 1958.

Their memories are buried in the mining and railway relics along the way, with a swing bridge and two short tunnels thrown in for excitement and a sense of mystery. There are also ancient giant snails, sulphur springs, glow-worms sometimes in the tunnels and railway cuttings and rare plants to see along the way such as the Celmisia Morganii daisy, found only in the Ngakawau Gorge.Best picnic place:  Watson’s Mill with toilets and shelter AND picnic rocks over the river (look for the side trail).

Note:  A torch is handy for the tunnels; mountain-biking the track okay in off-peak times excluding December/early January and Easter (see the notice in the car park.)  And it's graded EASY - as a walk not a tramp.