Doubtful Sound Cruises

Cruising Doubtful Sound

A friendly welcome with a glass of bublly as you board the Tutoko II sets the mood and you’re soon on your way.

As we all head off down Doubtful Sound you will get your first glimpses of this true wonderland. With its many waterfalls on rainy days and awesome vistas when the sun is out, there is plenty to see and it is simply incredible. This place is so remote and pristine it will make you wonder if this is what the whole world must have once been like!

With a temperate rain forest that has survived the dinosaur ages, clinging to huge mountains that were carved away by humungous ice-flows; the dramatic result will undoubtedly leave you in awe.

Friendly wildlife

Bottlenose Dolphins have been known to ride the bow on many occasions as we make our way out to the Tasman Sea. Once there we find large colonies of Kekeno (NZ Fur Seals) lazing on the rocks or watch their pups playing in the sea. The rare Tawaki (Fiordland Crested Penguin) only found in Fiordland, can be seen during the breeding season (July – Dec). Little Blue penguins are often encountered as we cruise. And Molly-mawks (albatross) and shearwaters can be seen flitting across the waves.

A quiet cruise

With only fourteen people this cruise is intimate and not so crowded: you can choose to meet new friends. Or find your own quiet little patch on-board the spacious 20m Tutoko II, to experience Doubtful Sound in your own special way as we cruise.

Good food and plenty of time to relax

Stopping to fish for your dinner, whilst the crew fetch some lobster from the depths; the feast for the evening will be sumptuous and plentiful. And once we have collected enough kai (food) then we head to a calm spot where you can head off in a kayak, on your own if you wish to explore at your own pace whilst we prepare the evening feast.

The twilight is spent socialising with a wine or two over the freshest seafood banquet you will ever experience. While the four courses are prepared and served, stories are told and friendships secured. And after desert has satiated your hunger, a visit to the top deck is required to view the plentiful stars seen on a clear night: This is a great way to end a fabulous day!

Lots to see

In the morning we head off back to the wharf taking in awesome vistas and stopping for a visit here and there. All too soon the voyage is over and you are back at the wharf and saying goodbye to your new friends; hoping you will see them again. But even if you don’t you get the feeling you have just experienced something special and we’re sure you will go away with memories that last a lifetime!

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