A Hidden Waterfall on the Shores of Lake Taupo

What an amazing way to explore the crystal clear waters and native bush of Lake Taupo - taking a private charter boat to a hidden waterfall.

Lake Taupo New Zealand has a new track hidden away in the Western Bays. If approaching from the lake, via boat, you can see a lovely small scenic beach. Within seconds of walking off the beach and through the native fauna you are confronted with the picturesque Kotukutuku Waterfall. The waterfall is not visible from the lake so you get a really beautiful surprise when you first see it.

The Kotukutuku Waterfall has a winding board walk wandering up beside it and is approximately 8 to 10 metres high. It’s an easy 5 to 10-minute walk up to the top of the waterfall,  something you could do with your family to show them the natural splendour of the land around Lake Taupo New Zealand. There is also an endearing view back onto the lake from a lookout point further up the board walk. The track goes for 28 km through the native bush, so if you wanted to walk further than the top of the waterfall you could continue exploring up the path through the forest.

There is no road access to this scenic beach, so it is a very secluded spot and unique location. A great way to experience this jewel of Taupo is by taking a private boat charter, ether just to visit the exclusive beach and graceful waterfall, or by doing some exciting trout fishing on the lake. You can visit this little gem with Fish Her Charters

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