Kauri Mt Beach - Whangarei Heads

On the Pacific Ocean side of Whangarei Heads lies a hidden gem.......

Six kilometres of stunning undeveloped beach, white sands and blue sparkling Pacific waters. Stretching from the towering Bream Head in the south to Kauri Mt in the north, this would have to be one of the most impressive sections of coastline in New Zealand. But what is really amazing is that hardly anyone is aware of this special place. Of course there is a scattering of local surfers, fishermen and walkers to be found year round.....but it is not uncommon to have it to yourself.

Ourselves, friends and overseas visitors have had some wonderful experiences over the past 10 years on this little piece of paradise. Like being followed by a pod of dolphins for a couple of kilometres down the beach, digging for Tuatuas (clams), hours of playing in the warm clear waters over the summer months - or simply find yourself  3 kms from either end, take a seat on the sand and take it in, take a bottle of champagne and celebrate life.

It does not have to be summer, a beach walk in the winter sun to take in the fresh air and scenery is food for the soul.

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