Kayaking Milford Sound

Exploring Milford Sound from the serenity of a kayak is one of the best ways to soak up the grand mountain peaks, unique wildlife and lush rainforest.

Milford Sound is one of New Zealand's most unforgettable places to visit. Every year thousands of visitors take away fond memories from this magical, unspoiled place. Gliding across its still waters in your kayak is one of the best ways to experience its beautiful landscape. To properly soak up the atmosphere, spend a magical night in Milford Sound itself, surrounded by nature and birdsong. The next day, awake bright and early to enjoy the beauty of the area by kayak.

Exploring a truly unique environment

When the ice of an immense ancient glacier finally melted it gave way to the Tasman Sea, which flowed into the deep expansive trough that now forms the Milford Sound. Here, glassy waters sit below towering mountain peaks and hanging valleys with huge vertical cliffs and waterfalls plunge down to sea level. The iconic Mitre Peak stands sentinel in the background, rising 1692m out of the ocean. Terrain of this nature needs to be experienced in a special way – and the serenity of kayaking can’t be beaten. With limited physical effort, visitors of all ages and fitness ability can discover the hidden secrets of Milford Sound by kayak.

Special Wildlife, up close

Paddle past seals basking on rocks and enjoy the local dolphin population as they amuse visitors with their playful antics. The rare Fiordland Crested Penguin is a special sight unique to the area, and keep your eyes peeled for the whales that occasionally cruise into the Milford Sound. Sitting close to the water in your kayak allows you to get closer to the fascinating wildlife - it goes without saying that this is a photographers dream!

Start early to catch the sights

To ensure the ultimate Milford Sound experience, it’s best to get out on the water early – kayaking guides recommend meeting at 7am. Because of this, it’s difficult to journey from as far away as Queenstown if you want to make the most of your kayaking adventure or take time to enjoy the many scenic walks nearby. The best solution is to stay in Milford Sound itself. Milford Sound Lodge offers a variety of comfortable accommodation options, all set amongst stunning natural scenery. For an absolute slice of paradise before or after a relaxing day in Milford Sound, treat yourself to one of their luxury Waterfront Chalets.

To experience the best of Milford Sound and the kiwi hospitality of Milford Sound Lodge, contact us directly or check out our website for more information. We can also help you plan activities like kayaking in the area to make the most of this special place.