Larnach Castle Virtual Tour Guide

Larnach Castle is now home to a virtual tour guide that is avalible for smart phones or to hire when you arrive.

With the help of local organisations including TaylorMade, Larnach Castle have been able to develop a ground-breaking Virtual Tour Guide application that can be hired from reception or purchased for your smart phone.

This will provide visitors to Larnach Castle with an interactive experience that allows you step back in time and see a vision of what the Castle would have been like to live in when it was built. The app features a virtual tour guide, images, videos, audio, maps, a brief history and other general information about Larnach Castle that will enrich the visitor experience dramatically.

Traditional tour-guides are still available, however, this product is great for individuals, couples and families because you are now able to gain the insight of a guided experience without being part of a large group. The initial release will be in English and Mandarin Chinese, with further languages planned for the future.

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