Maidens Cheerleaders go Swimming With Dolphins in Akaroa

When Hector's met the Maidens. A perfect day out dolphin swimming in Akaroa with the Maidens; cheerleaders for Canterbury's famous rugby team the Crusaders

We transported the girls from Christchurch to Akaroa, taking in the scenic views of Banks Peninsula along the way. The 90 minute scenic drive is an adventure in itself and Akaroa is one of the top destinations to visit when in Christchurch.

Once in Akaroa the cheerleaders checked in, suited up, received a safety briefing and then it was onto the Black Cat boat for a once in a lifetime experience to remember -- swimming with the Hector's dolphins.

The Hector's dolphins are the not only the world's smallest, but also the world's rarest dolphin, and Akaroa is the only place in the world that you can take this trip with them. Swimming with the Hector's in their natural habitat truly is a unique experience. There's something very special about swimming with them in the wild and the girls used just one word each, which we have shared in this video, to sum up how they felt when they arrived back on the wharf.

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Ooo and did you know...our dolphin swimming experience has just been recommended by Lonely Planet as one of the 'Top Ten Marine Mammal Encounters' in the world!

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