New Zealand's Chocolate Capital

Behind every great chocolate there’s a story.

Rhubarb and kumara. Pomegranate molasses. Peruvian. Mango and manuka smoked nut.. Hokey pokey. Feijoa grapefruit. Chilli.

Here’s how the story of the South Island’s own Bull Rush Chocolate began.


Young mother of two Nadine dreams about chillies. She wakes her husband up and announces that from this day forth, she shall make her living as a chilli grower.
Husband says “Err... okay.”

After 2 years of growing and selling chillies, Nadine – questioning her life choice - takes a mini-holiday to Sydney, Australia. She discovers chilli chocolate and decides that from this day forth, she shall make her living coating her home-grown chillies in chocolate.
She tells husband. Husband says “Err... okay.”

After local success with her homemade chilli chocolate, Nadine decides that she needs to go to France to source true bittersweet dark chocolate that isn’t candy-sweet.
She tells husband. Husband says “Err... okay, but as you’re going to France... can I come too?”

Bull Rush Chocolate becomes so popular, she moves the business into dedicated boutique chocolate premises – still in the rural farming town of Ashburton, New Zealand. Every chocolate is still handmade – it’s important that Bull Rush retain its boutique feel (and Nadine reminds those patiently waiting that machines are bloody expensive).

There’s more than Bull Rush chocolate to the Ashburton district and Mid Canterbury region (as if that isn’t enough..)

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