In search of New Zealand's red stag

On your safari through life, make sure your journal has one more extraordinary chapter.

It becomes a case of who’s stalking who when you start returning ‘Big Red’s’ vocal challenges so be prepared to have the hairs on the back of your neck stand up as New Zealand’s red stag closes his distance in on you.

With the right conditions these amazing beasts can be called into ridiculously close distances.

Since their introduction in 1851, red deer have thrived in New Zealand conditions and none more so than at Stravon where they have developed their own rich history.

New Zealand produces the largest red stags and they are quite rightly one of the world’s most sought after trophies.

Not only do they make for magnificent mounts, the experience of chasing them in New Zealand is an extraordinary chapter in any hunter's memoirs.

New Zealand’s red stag is a ‘must have’ for any hunter coming to these shores and there is no finer example of these majestic animals anywhere in the world than at Stravon.

The Rut, or more commonly named the Roar, starts mid March and continues to the end of April - the prime period for hunting the red stag, as they aggressively issue their challenges to each other.

Locating a stag by sound offers the hunter a real advantage whether using a rifle, bow, muzzle-loader or a camera.

The red stag was introduced to New Zealand in 1851 from Lord Petre's herd at Thorndon Park, Essex, England, to provide sport for the gentry.

The red deer found the conditions here perfect and they thrived. 

There is an extremely high level of trophy quality throughout the herds at Stravon and our careful management means we can consistently produce record book red stags for our guests.

Stravon Safaris are New Zealand's first Qualmark and OutdoorsMark accredited hunting provider.

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