Poor Knights Islands Marine Reserve

Just off New Zealand’s Tutukaka Coast and washed by warm currents from the Coral Sea, the Poor Knights Islands are an international icon.

Above and below water, the Poor Knights Islands are abundantly populated with unique and incredibly varied plant, animal and fish life, and thoroughly deserve their protected status, with World Heritage status pending.

Converging warm water currents, a micro-climate and thousands of years of separation from the mainland have resulted in a unique biodiversity. The fish life is incredible.

Hundreds of kingfish circle in packs, koheru dart and entire schools move as one. Huge schools of pink maomao drift in the blue, porae mooch and graze the rocks, Lord Howe coralfish, golden snapper, toadstool and black spot grouper.

A total Marine Reserve and Nature Reserve, the 11 million year old Islands’ volcanic origins provide myriad spectacular drop offs, walls, caves, arches and tunnels.

Laying claim to an astounding Maori history and the world’s largest sea cave (and only living dinosaur and largest insect) the remarkable Poor Knights thoroughly deserve their protected status.

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