Skydiving with Nzone Skydive is just epic!

Hard to describe the feeling of a skydive, you have to experience yourself. It is the money worth it!

This skydive was just epic!

The scenery and skydive:

The dropzone area is located right at the bottom of the Remarkables in Queenstown. Flying up to 15,000 feet was amazing already as you could enjoy a beautiful view over the mountains, lakes and Queenstown. As you jump off the plane, I got that ridiculous adrenaline feeling that I've never had before. I did two bungy jumps, one bungy swing but no feeling is similar to the one I've had when I got out of the plane. That's just awesome! After about a minute of freefall, my instructor opened the parachute and I realized the first time how high I actually was. Then, five minutes of gliding followed. That is when I just enjoyed the view. I also realized how small I am compared to the rest of the world. Epic!

By the way:

The crew is awesome! So experienced and they always try to calm you down (although that was almost impossible in my case). Everyone gets his own photographer and filmer and I could tell them what to take pictures of and what to film.

The feeling afterwards:

The best thing after the skydive is looking at your photos and videos. Some photos look funny, others are just stunning with the beautiful scenic view on every picture. The video is even better. I probably looked at it a hundred times now and I can't stop looking at it. It is kind of being proud of yourself and reminding yourself of that adventure you had. I know it is quite a lot of money to spend but nothing else can give you the feeling of a skydive. It was definitely worth it!