Super heights, super-fast, superhero - it's Zoom Extreme!

Fly through the air like a superhero and freefall like a pro on Zoom Ziplines’ new harness and Flightline jumping system at Skyline Rotorua.

Zoom Ziplines co-owner, Ron Betts, says the new experience is as close to flying as you can get.

“The new harness allows visitors to go horizontal, head-first down the zipline – like Superman! The sensation of speed is even greater than before at up to 80km/h and it adds a cool and exciting dynamic to the experience.”


Riders wear specially made full-body harnesses to ensure both safety and comfort, allowing a complete focus on the rush of zooming past the scenery and between Redwood trees. Once on the arrival deck, guests experience the secondary thrill of freefalling from the landing platform.


The original 13 metre Quickjump – which sees riders freefall from the zipline landing platform – is now a warmup for guests to get a sense of how the freefall works.

After their first jump, visitors can then head to the top of the platform for the big Flightline plunge – a world first innovation from Headrush Technologies in Colorado.

“It allows for jumps of up to 23 metres high, providing a true feeling of what it’s like to freefall. Skyline Rotorua is the world’s first commercial site to use the system and we can’t wait to see people’s reactions,” says Mr Betts.


After nearly a year in operation, Zoom Ziplines is well-known for its thrilling high-speed twin zipline that flies down the side of Mt Ngongotaha. The gravity ride begins 450 metres above sea level at Skyline’s top terminal, with spectacular views over Lake Rotorua and surrounds followed by a 385m descent.

The innovative zipline system is operated by Canadian company Zoom Ziplines in partnership with Skyline Rotorua. It is suitable for children and adults, with a minimum weight of 27kgs and a maximum of 125kgs. Bookings can be made online or upon arrival at Skyline.

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