The Difference Between New Zealand & Australia Holidays

Many people speak of going on holiday to Australia OR New Zealand - but do people really know the differences between the two, and the different holidays?

Despite their close proximity, Australia and New Zealand couldn’t be more different in what they have to offer travellers, and it’s this juxtaposition that really makes a trip down under a truly unforgettable experience. While Australia caters to the side of you that enjoys a bit of pampering, a bit of luxury and a bit of relaxation, New Zealand caters to the side that’s keen and eager, the side that’s energetic and lively, the side that wants to do things that push the boundaries a little. Spend some time in both places, and you’ve got the recipe for the ultimate holiday.

One of the main reasons people choose to take a holiday in Australia is because of the unbelievably beautiful weather and the stunning, picture-perfect golden beaches. Almost every coastal region in Australia boasts glorious sands, so deciding where to go can be tricky, but Broome in Western Australia is a place that really stands out amongst all others. If you want to book a holiday to Austrlia, Barrhead Travel Australia offers some great deals. Broome’s Cable Beach, stretching for 13 miles around the coastline, won’t disappoint, and the area has plenty to do for when you need to take a break from the heat of the midday sun, such as visiting the local pearl farm, or sampling the goods at Broome’s one and only brewery.

While New Zealand can also be proud of it’s beaches, it’s the extreme sports on offer here that really draws the crowds. If you can name it, you can do it in New Zealand. Ever fancied standing in a metal cage, just feet away from one of the most dangerous predatory creatures in the world? Head to Kaikoura on the South Island for plenty of shark cage diving opportunities. Similarly, if you’ve got the desire to don a helmet and crawl through tiny tunnels through the stunning New Zealand mountains and cliffs, spend some time in Te Anau where you can tour the Aurora Caves.

Of course, there are some similarities between Australia and New Zealand, and one of these similarities is food. Both countries offer amazing, mouth watering cuisine that you simply can’t get anywhere else. In the coastal towns and cities, you’ll find some the freshest seafood you’ve ever tasted in your life, but you’ll also find dishes containing crocodile, kangaroo, and emu on many menus as restaurants make good use of native meats. Despite the British influences, these countries are a world apart from Europe, especially in terms of the laid back way of life and chilled out pace. It’s a holiday worth taking!

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