The Diversity of Hen & Chick Islands

The Hen & Chicken Islands offer some offer most diverse diving in NZ. There is an abundance of marine life in a dramatic setting which never disappoints.

Hen and Chickens Islands including Sail Rock provide a wide diversity of diving. Each location is unique and very different to its neighbour.

Sail Rock a land mark that stands proud of the sea, the high point to the southwest of Hen Island offering steep walls above and below the water. White common anemones are prolific and among them are Triplefins and Tiger shells. Schools of Blue Maomao, Sweep, Trevally and Silver Drummer abound. Kingfish are known to hunt here circling the huge rock. The walls drop to boulders at 20 metres and then gradually shelve to more than 30 metres.

The Hen Islands are more sheltered with kelp-covered boulders between 10 and 30 metres. The boulders hide Crayfish and there are schools of Goatfish, Blue Maomao, Trevally, Red Moki and Demoiselles. The South side offers gentle bays that provide breeding areas for Ray’s in the summer, whilst the North side provides panoramic views underwater from dramatic bays and the diving never disappointing.
Only 20-30 min further North lye the chain of Chicken Islands: Lady Alice, Whatupuke, Coppermine, Mauitaha, Muriwhenua and Wareware.

Each island is very different for the next with wild, untouched diving.  Pelagics are often seen in the area along with Kingfish and massive shoals of fish. Coppermine Island provides a sheltered bay with rich kelp forests whist her reef provides challenging Cray dives at deeper depths.

Experience some of the best, diverse diving New Zealand has to offer in a unique location.

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