Whale Watching in Kaikoura

Kaikoura is the perfect place to view a wide range of wildlife and in particular the marine animals which are residents in the area.

Sunny Kaikoura, New Zealand is world famous for its superb warm weather, stunning scenery and exciting attractions and activities. Tourists flock in the thousands to this region each year to have a little taste of New Zealand’s laid-back and friendly lifestyle. Many also visit to experience some of the majestic wildlife that is present in and around Kaikoura, namely the rich marine life which habitats the waters just offshore. One of the most popular wildlife experiences is the award-winning Whale Watch tours.

The great thing about these tours is the uniqueness of each trip, you never know what you might see from day-to-day, this is the reason so many people come back for second and third experiences. The Giant Sperm Whales occupy the waters off the shore of Kaikoura throughout the entire year, making sightings frequent. Watch in awe as these giant creatures breach the water, raising their flukes high in the air. It is one of the most incredible experiences to witness up close and The Giant Sperm Whales are truly the main acts. The fun doesn’t stop there, depending on the season you may witness other species of whales during their migration. This can include; Humpback Whales, Pilot Whales, Southern Right Whales and amazing Orcas - which are actually of the dolphin family.

Marine Life in Kaikoura

You may be wondering why Kaikoura is so plentiful when it comes to marine life and the answer sits just offshore. Here lies one of the world’s greatest undersea wonders, the Kaikoura Canyon. This gigantic 2km deep trench is where two sea currents meet, drawing nutrients to the surface of the water. These nutrients attract small fish, then larger marine life and so on. On-board you will experience a unique digital recreation of the trench to gain a little more understanding of its role within the food chain. For this reason, during a Whale Watch tour you may also encounter dolphins, seals and a tonne of different seabird varieties - some of which are quite rare.

Whale Watch Tours

The Whale Watch reservations office can be found in the heart of Kaikoura at Railway Station building. From there you can enquire, make bookings and the tours commence from this location as well. Kaikoura is only a short 2 and a half hour drive from Christchurch, making it the perfect day trip. These unique whale watching tours are operated all your round, but do depend on the conditions of the day. Whale Watch also offers a fantastic 80% refund if you don’t get the opportunity to view a whale during any given tour - this situation is extremely rare and Whale Watch boasts an impressive 95% success rate!

So for a fun and educational family day out join Whale Watch Kaikoura for the experience of a lifetime. These tours are extremely popular, booking early is advised.

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