What has 7 letters, starts with a D and has a chocolate factory? Not sure?

Awesome reasons to book a car rental to discover the South Island.

Not sure? Well here are some more hints -

- You can roll a Jaffa down the steepest street in the world there.
- You are encouraged to wear blue and yellow when you go to a Rugby match and a Kilt would not look out of place.
- There were more females then males recoreded in the 2006 Census.
And if you were to spell it backwards it would look something like this NIDENUD.

If the last clue hasn't helped you, I am not sure what else to say :)

Dunedin is a city built on hills with scenery to die for. The old Victorian and Edwardian themed buildings make for a perfect backdrop for memorable photos. The coastline also provides fantastic spots to sit and enjoy the fresh cold air of the South.

Although we help with drivers thoughout New Zealand to book a car rental, we would love to help open the doors of Dunedin for you in a rental car and the possibilities the city has to offer.

To find out more about Dunedin and how to get around, check out our Dunedin page.

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