Through a chance converation I asked an old friend what he did during Second World War. Amongst other tales he told me of a lovely time he had in Tikiwiki.

My home is in Witney, Oxfordshire in England. I have been interested in traction engines all my life. Locally there is an enthusiast who makes models of steam engines and fairground rides. His name is Teddy Miles and I see him frequently at steam engine rallies in England and also at our local church, St Marys' in Witney. He is a lovely man, but stands 5' 3" tall. I must have known him for over 50 years.

At a recent event in the church, we were chatting and I asked him what he did during the Second World War. This man in his eighties still has the memory of an elephant and an intact mable bag. In other words, he is very sharp.

He told me of his time in the Navy. He went everywhere and saw more action than most would wish to witness. To his annoyance he was told that he was off to New Zealand. He was warned that there was no alcohol and all was very quiet. 

Teddy was billetted at a farm in Tikiwiki that was owned by Brockway family. Never in all his life did he have such a good time. The family treated him like a Lord and would take no money from him. If ever there was a social event Teddy was invited aswell. The food was fantastic. The Brockway family had a son; Teddy asked him if he had a money box, that he should bring it too him. The son dutifully brought along his money box and Teddy was in the process of putting some money into it, when the lady of the house caught Teddy and he was reprimanded. This was the only cross word he ever heard.

One day Mrs Brockway asked Teddy for the address of his parents. When he enquired "Why?", he was told that she was going to send them a food parcel. She explained that if she had a son the other side of the world, she would want to know he was in good hands.

Teddy Miles received and sent Christmas cards for many years, but he presumes the Brockways have passed to the big farm in the heavens.

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