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Are you and your family so busy you rarely have time to take a vacation, let alone plan it? Are you ready to take that dream trip but overwhelmed by all the information out there and not sure where to start? We can help.

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First, you tell us your requirements. For example: I need to go somewhere warm for a long weekend in January with my kids who don’t swim. Or: We want to take our kids on a grand tour of Europe for 2 weeks next summer. Or: I have a week off in December, where should I go?
Then, we get to know you and your family and what sorts of things you like and don’t like. Do you want an all-inclusive resort stay? Or will a hammock on the beach with an outdoor shower suffice? A castle stay or a reliable chain hotel? A day of shopping or a day exploring museums? A bike tour or a rental car?
In short, we will listen to your needs, research your destination and come up with an itinerary just for you.

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