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Create a customized itinerary for traveling in New Zealand based on personal preferences and budget. Visualize your travel plans in 3D animation and find the best prices to book as aspects of your New Zealand travel. Site in English and French.

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New Zealand Your Way allows to create a customized itinerary for traveling in New Zealand. You can select a variety of activities and accommodation options around the country. An itinerary is then optimized to minimize your total traveling time and makes use of transport options including car, bus, train and flight.

You are also able to allocate a New Zealand dollar amount to each item in the itinerary and convert your total budget into your currency.

Fly through your itinerary in 3D animation and find the best prices for flights, car rental, accommodation, camper-vans and travel insurance for your personalized itinerary. This site is available in both English and French.

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