is specialized in self-contained motorhome holidays in New Zealand. Our automatic transmission motorhomes make your self-driving trips a breeze. We also book your holiday parks and attraction activities with no commission fees

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Campervan, mortorhome, or RV, whatever the term you use, visit for a real-time rental quotation. Once ready, you can place a secure motorhome reservation online and receive your confirmation instantly.

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All our motorhomes are self-contained, meaning that you can stay at any paid camping sites plus you can take advantage of the many "free" camping areas, where usually by a grand river, a tranquil steam, a serene lake, a sandy beach, or a snowy mountain...

We offer FREE cancellation and FREE modification of rental before pickup (conditions apply).

Another benefit booking with us is that your rental include Liability Reduction to ZERO, making your self-driving trip a worry-free experience.

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Adresse, 24B Moorefield Rd, Johnsonville, Wellington Central, Wellington, New Zealand.

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