Rockin' City Trikes

Explode into the world of exhilarating trike riding with a purpose built factory trike from Boom, Germany. We issue a health warning with these trikes though. Grinning for extended periods of time may cause your cheeks to become sore.

$30.00 - $350.00

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Designed and purpose built as a trike, the Boom Mustang is comfortable, fast and agile. With a low centre of gravity, mid mounted engine and wide track, the Boom has the handling ability which is unparalleled by any other brand of trike in New Zealand today.

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Boom Mustang automatics are so easy to ride that you become one with the vehicle within just minutes of riding. The power and nimbleness are things which you have to experience to believe and, once experienced, you will want to own one.

Boom Mustang automatics are about fun. Freedom to ride without the fear of tipping over as you would on a two wheeler. Freedom to travel long distances and still be able to walk at the end of the day. Just sit back and enjoy the scenery


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Rockin' City Trikes, 51 Nancy Ave, Mairehau, Christchurch, Christchurch - Canterbury, 8052, New Zealand.


0900 to 1600

Anlagen und Einrichtungen

Nähe zum Flughafen:
10 km
Nähe zum Busbahnhof
4 km
Nähe zur Stadt:
4 km

Preise und Bedingungen

Erwachsener $30.00 - $350.00
Weitere Preisangaben:
We can not take passengers who are in excess of 120 kg and must be between 1.6 and 1.93 meters tall. Passengers must be in good health.

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