Tongariro Trek

This summer, experience the majestic beauty of one of the world's most dramatic National Parks and World Heritage Areas.

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Consisting of snow-capped volcanoes, crater and alpine lakes, pristine rain forest, sparkling rivers, dramatic waterfalls and astonishing native flora and fauna, Tongariro National Park represents an entirely remarkable trekking opportunity and there's no better time to see it than in the summer.
We can arrange guided walks through the low-lying forests as well as the moonscape-type rocks, tussock and alpine herb fields, usually buried by snow on the upper reaches.
Add to this extraordinary beauty the comfort of spending four nights at Chateau Tongariro, one of New Zealand's most luxurious and elegant hotels, and you're ready to experience a self guided discovery of the magic that is the Tongariro Alpine Trek.

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Tongariro Trek, State Highway 48, Whakapapa Village, Ruapehu, New Zealand.

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