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  • Geothermal Rotorua
  • Waitomo Caves
  • Botanical Gardens

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This inland route to Wellington reveals some of New Zealand’s most interesting geological features. You’ll begin in the astounding city of Rotorua, where the earth’s inner heat hisses out to create spectacular geothermal attractions. Waitomo provides another kind of natural phenomenon – a labyrinth of limestone caves dripping in stalactites. At National Park you’ll stay under the shadow of three immense volcanoes – walk around them or ski on them, depending on the time of the year. From Whanganui you can discover the secrets of the Whanganui River – New Zealand’s longest navigable waterway. Finish this adventurous journey with your choice of Wellington’s cultural attractions.

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Rotorua - Waitomo Caves

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The city of Rotorua sits squarely on the Pacific Ring of Fire, so there’s evidence of volcanic activity everywhere you look. Explore the geothermal areas and discover the unique culture of New Zealand’s Maori people. Rotorua is entertaining in any weather, at any time of the year.

Your journey to Waitomo Caves will take you through a mixture of farmland, lakeland and forest. There are no major towns along the way, so stock up on picnic supplies in preparation for the drive. The hydro power station at Atiamuri is an interesting stop. Trout fanciers can try their luck at Lake Whakamaru. The beautiful Pureora Forest Park, which is home to several rare bird species, has a number of well marked walking tracks.

At the town of Te Kuiti you’ll turn north, towards Waitomo Caves. Beneath the surface of this ancient limestone region is a series of vast cave systems decorated with stalactites, stalagmites and glow-worms. Some caves open to the public, and are easy to walk through, others require specialised caving equipment.

Dampfende Seen und kochender Schlamm in Rotorua.

Start: Rotorua Central

Rotorua fasziniert bei jedem Wetter mit sprudelnden Geysiren, faszinierenden Maori-Dörfern und aufregenden abenteuerlichen Aktivitäten.

Die mysteriös funkelnden Glühwürmchen der Waitomo Caves

Ziel: Waitomo Caves

Unter den Hügeln von Waitomo liegt ein Labyrinth aus Höhlen, Felsspalten und Flüssen. Lasse dich hindurchtreiben, abseilen oder mache eine Höhlenwanderung.

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