Opportunities for tourism businesses on newzealand.com

A presence on newzealand.com can help grow your business by connecting you with people considering a visit to New Zealand. A key role of the website is to drive qualified traffic to your website (a ‘referral’).

There is no charge for having a product listing on newzealand.com and your listing has the potential to reach the millions of visitors to newzealand.com every year. It also means your business will benefit from being distributed through our partnerships with some of New Zealand’s regional tourism organisations – it’s worth taking time to register and make the most of this opportunity.  

Step 1: Create an account on the Tourism Business Database (TBD)

The Tourism Business Database (www.register.newzealand.com(opens in new window)) is where you can add or edit any of your business information, product listings and deals that then display on newzealand.com. 

  • If you do not have an account, go to www.register.newzealand.com(opens in new window) and click on Sign-Up. Then follow the steps to complete the sign-up process and verify your email address.
  • If you already have an account then you will have an email address and a password. Click Log In, enter it in the coresponding fields and click Log In.

Step 2: Add your business information and product listing 

A listing on newzealand.com will tell consumers where you are and what you do. Getting your listing working effectively is crucial to driving referrals to your business so it is worth taking the time to set it up well with as much information as possible.

There are two steps to listing your products or service to show on newzealand.com:

  1. Add your business information – This includes your business name, contact information, website link, social media links, TripAdvisor information, physical business location and an optional business logo.
  2. Create a product listing to display on newzealand.com - This includes the product type, a brief description, Qualmark award, images, videos, booking information and pricing information. 

For more information on creating an account or product listing, please see the Tourism Business Database User Guide for New Zealand Based Operators or for Travel Sellers. 

Once you have created a listing, it will be sent to Tourism New Zealand for moderation. This is so we can ensure that listings contain all the necessary information and are consistent. Moderation takes around 5-7 working days before your listing will show on newzealand.com.

For more information about how to get the most out of your listing, see our Top Tips.

TripAdvisor ratings

You have the option to display your current TripAdvisor rating and most recent reviews to newzealand.com users on your product listings.

Log into the Tourism Business Database (TBD) on www.register.newzealand.com and add your TripAdvisor business ID to your business information. You can find this by logging in, selecting 'manage this business' then 'edit this business'. The TripAdvisor information is under the Social Media section. Make sure to tick the box to display your TripAdvisor information and save the changes to ensure the information is entered.

To locate your TripAdvisor business ID open your business page on www.tripadvisor.com and then copy the numerical portion of the website address (URL) that follows the letter 'd'.

Please note it can take up to four weeks for your TripAdvisor rating to appear on newzealand.com. If you wish to remove it, simply untick the box within your business information on the Operator Database and click save.

Qualmark ratings

If your business is Qualmark rated, you can add your awards alongside your product listing. newzealand.com is synchronised with Qualmark's rating database.

To do this, add your Qualmark account ID in your listing in the Tourism Business Database, then click ‘refresh’. Add the award from your available awards using the drop down option. For more information on adding your Qualmark award, see the help guide here.

To retrieve your Account ID please email enquiries@qualmark.co.nz or call 0800 782 562.

Explore Discount Programme

Through Explore, New Zealand tourism businesses can offer discounts to international travel agents and media coming independently to our country. There are currently over 1,000 New Zealand offers in Explore. Around 450 media and trade travel to New Zealand with Explore each year.

Explore gives you the opportunity to showcase your product to travel professionals that can help grow your business in New Zealand’s key markets. TNZ’s offshore offices pre-approve Explore applicants before they arrive in New Zealand to ensure only genuine agents and quality media have access to your offers.

You can set close out periods over dates you do not wish to accept visiting agents and media. There is no cost to being in Explore other than honoring your offer. You can read more about Explore here and extend a discount through your Tourism Business Database (TBD) product listing.

There is also a PDF guide(opens in new window) for New Zealand based operators and a checklist(opens in new window) for your frontline staff.

Please send any help requests or queries regarding the Explore Programme to register@tnz.govt.nz.

Foreign language listings

The Tourism Business Database supports nine languages; English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Bahasa.

If you have language capabilities in any of these languages, you can submit another language version of your product listing. All products must first have an English listing created and approved before any other languages can be added. For a guide on adding different language versions to your listing, see the guide here.

Step 3: Creating consumer deals

Once you have created your business information and product listing, consider creating deals on newzealand.com to help maximise the chance of referrals to your business website. A consumer deal is a small tile on newzealand.com which advertises a special travel offer on your products or services. A travel deal has a button inviting users to ‘Find out more’ that goes through to an operator’s website or booking engine.

Travel deals appear on various types of web pages across the site including your product listing, destination pages, feature pages, things-to-do and promotional campaign pages. Deals generate half of the referrals from newzealand.com so it’s the most effective tool a business listed on newzealand.com can use to drive traffic a business’ website.

To load a deal, a business must first be registered in the Tourism Business Database and have an approved listing on newzealand.com. Once a listing has been approved, the deals function in your Tourism Business Database account will allow you to  create and submit deals to show with your listings on newzealand.com.

You can read more about creating deals in the Tourism Business Database User Guide for New Zealand Based Operators or for Travel Sellers. If you are creating deals for a Tourism New Zealand Campaign, please see the Deals for Campaigns guide for more information. 

Step 4: Editing your information and keeping your account active

It is important to regularly check your Tourism Business Database account to ensure that your business and product listing information is up-to-date. Tourism New Zealand requires all businesses to log into their account a minimum of once every 12 months to keep the account active and the listings showing on newzealand.com.

To see more about editing your existing information, please see the How to edit or review your listing guide.

Download user guides

We are currently developing a suite of user guides designed to help you - check here soon to access the user guides.

The user guides that are ready for you to use are:

The user guides currently under development are:

  • Operator Database User Guide - for International and New Zealand Travel Sellers
  • Explore programme for New Zealand based operators (pdf)
  • How to add a listing and travel deal for China, Japan or Korea (pdf)
  • How to edit or review your listing (pdf)
  • Top tips to optimise your listing for Search Engines (pdf)

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