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Since May 2020, Tourism New Zealand has been driving a significant volume of domestic visitors to via the ‘Do Something New, New Zealand’ campaign platform.

 As of mid-April following trans-Tasman Quarantine Free Travel commencing, Tourism New Zealand will be recommencing full funnel marketing activity in Australia from 9 May, which includes featuring deals on

Tourism New Zealand is inviting operators to support Australian and domestic campaign activity with relevant and appealing deals that are closely aligned to the campaign messaging and audience.

Why should operators take up this opportunity?

  • High quality Referrals for free - In Q1 of 2021, over 2.9 million users visited, resulting in over 318,000 operator referrals (clicks from to the operator's website). Deals are free to list and reach a high quality, high-intent audience. Interaction with has never been more relevant for reaching Australian and Domestic consumers.
  • Media Exposure in NZ - Any deal/package loaded to by an operator could also be selected by a domestic media partner to feature in above the line activity during the campaign period.

How to load a campaign deal

Go to your Business in Tourism New Zealand’s Tourism Business Database(opens in new window).

Click on Deals in the top navigation and Add a new deal

If you have more than one business you will need to select which business the listing is for and then the product listing it is for. From there, select the market language, deal type and deal details.

Important notes: 

  • Please curate a new deal aligned to the campaign messaging.
  • There are slightly different steps for creating deals in the Tourism Business Database for the current Australia and domestic campaigns. Please read the information below in detail.
  • For more detailed information on uploading deals please review the Tourism Business Database user guides(opens in new window).

Frequently asked questions

To help with loading deals here are some frequently asked questions.

Do I have to feature an offer for the full duration of the campaign?  

No, as with any deal uploaded to, operators decide the offer time-period.  For you to maximise the impact of your campaign deal, we recommend that you upload the deal for the full campaign period. 


What type of deal could be most effective? 

Tourism New Zealand has found that visitors to click through to some types of deals more than others. The deals by type are listed in order of best performance below:  

  1. Percentage off 
  2. Price point   
  3. Save amount 
  4. Free 
  5. More for less


Will previously uploaded deals show for a campaign? 

No, please submit new and relevant deals to each campaign.  If you have other, non-campaign specific deals they will continue to show in appropriate areas of If you have submitted a deal for a campaign that is currently live e.g. Family Friendly campaign, these deals will remain until the deal end date. 


Which image will show for the campaign deal? 

The first image of your product listing will display on the campaign deal. Please change the first image within your product listing if this image is not relevant to the campaign messaging. 


Will the deal feature on Regional Tourism Organisation (RTO) websites via an API Agreement? 

Around half of RTOs have an API Agreement with Tourism New Zealand.  The deal will be fed through to those RTOs and other 3rd party sites, just like business listings and other deals do. However, any campaign deal will appear among other current deals on the RTO sites unless the RTO and 3rd party pick up the new campaign feature. 


Domestic - It's better in Winter Campaign

Tourism New Zealand’s ‘Do Something New, New Zealand’ domestic brand platform launches a dedicated winter campaign – It's better in Winter! The campaign, will run from 7 June until 31 July and predominately target Sun Seekers - New Zealanders of all ages that don’t ski, and are likely, to either save their holidays for summer, or have the disposable income to leave New Zealand for warmer climates.

A secondary audience is Ski Enthusiasts – winter is their favourite season and they are interested in skiing. They will be aiming to hit the slopes for at least a long weekend, ideally a couple of weekends.

The objective of this campaign is to get New Zealanders to re-evaluate winter and think of it as a season beyond just ski, a time of year where experiences are just as good, if not better in winter!

Please don’t just resubmit a previous general deal that doesn’t relate to this campaign.  Create a new one that does. 

How to align a deal to the Winter campaign? 

Here are ways to align a deal with the campaign messaging and audience type: 

  • Firstly, when creating a deal in the Tourism Business Database, select the New  Zealand and/or International English markets. A campaign dropdown will then appear allowing you to select the Domestic – Winter campaign tag

Tourism Business Database

  • Curate a new deal aligned to the campaign messaging e.g. Stargazing, better in winter!…..from $XXX, or mountain biking, just as good in winter…from $XXX, Why not Skydive in winter?...from $XXX, Dog sledging, only in winter!....From $XXX 
  • Consider advertising experiences that are just as good, if not better in winter and empathising with why visitors should visit your experience in winter. Examples include whale watching, stargazing, visiting hot pools, mountain biking
  • Consider displaying mid-week/off-peak pricing, allowing for price to appear more competitive​ – we are targeting a broad audience who may not be restricted to travel during school holidays  
  • Only advertise products and experiences that are open during the campaign period – we will be encouraging travel during this period only 
  • Please remember to link the deal to your own website which should also clearly display the deal details e.g. How to book and/or include Promocode such as Use Promocode WINTER to book’   

Australia - Stop Dreaming about NZ and Go Campaign

Tourism New Zealand’s ‘Stop Dreaming about New Zealand and Go’ campaign (previously referred to as 'Ignite') will encourage Australians to answer the call of New Zealand. The opportunity is to capitalise on current levels of appeal and preference, driving urgency for a New Zealand holiday and inspiring Australians to book now.

The first phase of the 'Stop Dreaming about New Zealand and Go' campaign will run from 6 May – 31 July 2021, across Tourism New Zealand and partner channels. The campaign will be national-wide, targeting 25 – 65-year-olds (Millennials, Gen X & Boomers).

We invite you to create a deal for to convert Australians to travel to New Zealand and maximise the contribution of Australian visitors.

More information on the ‘Stop Dreaming About New Zealand and Go’ campaign platform will be shared in a webinar on the 11th May.

Australians are a nation of travellers, that year for exploration and travel to far-flung places. Serious travellers, like our audience, know that their yearning for an impactful and meaningful experience can only be satisfied internationally. This campaign will show Australians that New Zealand is a place where they can turn their passions, dreams, and fantasies into lived experiences – a place for them to not just see, but to genuinely feel the embrace of this place they have been longing for. After a long 12-months of being suspended in an interminable state, Australians are now being given the opportunity to fulfil their wanderlust and act on their dream to travel internationally, to New Zealand.

Research has shown that the number one reason for Australians to travel post-COVID 19 will be for holiday (82% of Active Considerers), and the top motivators for a leisure holiday within our audience are:

  • To have fun & enjoy myself
  • To feel relaxed and refreshed
  • To take a break from my everyday life
  • To learn and explore new things

As part of this campaign, our product strategy is to feature tourism products and deals that Australians can do in New Zealand that will fulfil their wanderlust for travel and tap into these key motivators to convince them to book now.

As a result, Tourism New Zealand’s campaign features bold, highly engaging creative featuring a range of experiences: including fun experiences such as jet boating, relaxing experiences such as enjoying a hot tub and experiences where people can explore new things such as a bike tours through vineyards or stargazing.


Audience insights 

For Australian audience insights please visit Australia - Market Overview


How to align a deal to the Australia 'Stop Dreaming about New Zealand and Go' Campaign? 

Here are ways to align your deal to the campaign messaging and audience type:

  • Curate a new deal for a fixed period of time during the campaign period (6 May – 31 July 2021), with travel period focused across Winter & Spring
  • Curate a deal aligned to the campaign messaging e.g. Relax in Rotorua with… 2 for 1 or Escape to the Milford Sound with… XX or Wind down on Waiheke Island with… %XX off

How to select markets for Deals in the Tourism Business Database

Tips for getting your deal approved and getting the best results.

  • Whilst you can create deals that span multiple markets. For this campaign, we recommend creating a deal specific to the Australia market. Select Australia only on the Deal creation screen.
    There is no need to select a specific campaign for Australia (like is available for the Domestic campaigns) as there is only one campaign in the market at this point in time.
  • Upload your deal by 3rd May to ensure it gets reviewed & approved by the campaign start date (9 May)
  • Ensure that the deal links to a page on your website that clearly states the same deal, how to book or buy it and any additional details.
  • If listing a “Price Point” or “Save Amount” deal, it’s recommended that it is listed in $AUD. Choosing this currency is only available when selecting Australia-only as a market
  • Ensure the currency of the deal in the Tourism Business Database matches that stated on your website. If transactions do not occur in this currency, it is recommended to prefix prices in the deal and your website with ‘from’ or similar to allow for currency conversion differences. 
  • See more tips in the uploading deals please review the Tourism Business Database user guides

To get involved in the campaign access the Stop Dreaming about New Zealand and Go please visit the Tourism New Zealand visual library(opens in new window).

Domestic - Active Recharge campaign

Tourism New Zealand’s ‘Do Something New, New Zealand’ campaign platform introduces New Zealand's first ever Recharge Season, a targeted campaign for Active Recharge that will run from 27 April – 6 June, across Tourism New Zealand and partner channels.

This campaign targets Quality of Life seekers, Empty Nesters and SINKS & DINKS* audiences who are flexible to travel mid-week and generally have more disposable income. Much like the last family friendly, campaign we invite you to create a deal for and partner channels to convert this audience.

  • Empty Nesters - a parent whose children have grown and moved away from home 
  • SINKS/DINKS - single and double income households with no kids  

After a year of multiple lockdowns and restrictions, research has shown that many New Zealanders, especially this target audience are feeling exhausted, resulting in New Zealanders wanting to relax; 73% want to take more time for themselves in 2021. To relax, New Zealanders are seeking out holidays that involve doing less, the assumption being that doing less is more likely to make you feel relaxed. However, research suggests that creativity and physical activity can recharge you, and that doing less will not. 

As a result, the domestic Active Recharge campaign will focus on convincing New Zealanders that doing something 'new' is more recharging than doing the same thing. 

The campaign is positioned during shoulder season - a time of year that is not warm enough for the beach, not cold enough for snow, post Easter, between school holidays. The audience we are targeting are typically not restricted to travel during school holidays, can travel mid-week and are assumed to have more disposable income, creating a real opportunity.  

As part of this campaign, our product strategy is to feature tourism products and deals that New Zealanders can do in New Zealand to recharge their batteries during this Recharge Season 

We will feature tourism products across four product categories / four ways to recharge:  

  • Recharging the body - Active tourism products​ e.g. Lake Dunstan Cycle  
  • Recharging the mind - Tourism products that inspire/activate the mind e.g. Waimangu Volcanic Valley 
  • Reconnecting relationships - Tourism products that are typically shared e.g. Waiheke Botanical Distillery 
  • Reconnecting with culture - Māori/cultural tourism products e.g. Waitangi Treaty Grounds 


 Audience insights  

Domestic audience insight data is available via the Domestic Growth Insight Tool(opens in new window)(DGiT). For audience insights specific to Empty Nesters and SINKS/DINKS click ‘get started’, demographics target ‘no children’ and time of year ‘Autumn (outside of school holidays)’. For additional domestic audience insights please visit New Zealand - Market Overview.(opens in new window)


How to align a deal to the Active Recharge Campaign?

How to select Campaign specific deals for Domestic campaigns


Here are ways to align a deal to the campaign messaging and audience type:

  • Firstly, when creating the deal select New Zealand and International English from the markets then select the Active Recharge campaign from the drop-down box that appears.
  • Consider displaying mid-week/off-peak pricing, allowing for price to appear more competitive​ – the audience we are targeting are not restricted to typical travel periods
  • Consider displaying couple or deals relevant to 2 or more adults – we will actively be targeting households without children
  • Curate a new deal, and one that matches the full campaign period to maximise the opportunity
  • Curate a deal aligned to the campaign messaging e.g. Recharge in Rotorua with……from $XXX or Reconnect on a romantic Milford cruise…..from $XXX
  • Please remember to clearly display detail on the deal on your own website!

Campaign package deals and combos

The Active Recharge campaign would be a great opportunity for operators to submit package deals and combos for couples or adult groups.

Top tips for creating a package deal or combo

  • Packages typically 1-5 nights.
  • Accommodation operators tend to lead the package, in terms of booking and website display.
  • An accommodation only package will be considered an accommodation offer and not a package​.
  • Keep package pricing simple e.g. per person or per couple​.
  • Deal description should be focused on value of package e.g. inclusions.
  • Consider displaying mid-week package pricing.
  • Clearly display deal detail on operator website​.

How can I load a package deal into the Tourism Business Database for this campaign?   

Packages or combos can be uploaded as a 'deal' by one of the featured operators. This operator must be the same operator who hosts the package on their website for booking. Packages should be affordable and include a cost saving when bundled. Tag ‘Domestic - Active Recharge - 19 April – 6 June’.

Where will the package deals be displayed?

Alongside campaign deals on

An example of a great package below:


Example of great package deal