A journey through New Zealand’s summer playground

This would be my best journey through the North Island's “summer playground”.
Good luck and great travels.

Because some of the great regions in the North Island of New Zealand such as Hawke’s Bay are not on a recognised tourist route it may take some time to find how to access places or see all you wish to. I hope the route given in this article helps.

If you are flying into New Zealand and wish to visit the North Island it will save considerable wasted time and money doubling back if you fly into Wellington or if you have time constraints transfer to a domestic flight and fly into Napier – the centre of Hawke’s Bay - and work your way north and then leave through Auckland.

This way you travel most of the North Island. Stay in Wellington and visit Te Papa (1 day) then travel up through the Wairarapa (1 day) and into Hawke’s Bay  (3 days). Both places are well known for wines, scenery, and great Dept of Conservation walks. Hawke’s Bay has great, beaches for swimming and surfing and a great sunny climate to enjoy them. Combine these trips with a commercially organised bike ride, or raft trip, or Maori cultural trip and then you can journey north and try the experiences in Taupo (2 days). Try the Tongariro Crossing and skydiving). Then journey farther north to the Cultural and Volcanic activities of Rotorua (2 days). Then continue on towards Auckland and visit the “Hobbit’ country and glowworm caves  (2 days) before Auckland farewells you.

The above gives you an 11-day trip – not really what I would recommend. If you wish to sample all the activities that suit you, and that the North Island has to offer, you will need far more time.

This tour will take you through great scenery, you can taste great wine and food,  great beaches, great rafting, great kayaking, great walks, skydive, deep sea fishing, trout fishing, and great Maori culture and the Hobbit.

If you want more contact us we will try and find it! Good luck and great travels.

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