Catch trophy trout from the lake shore

Some of the best trout fishing in the Taupo and Rotorua districts can be had standing in ankle-deep water on the edge of a lake.

The most common ways to catch a rainbow or brown trout around Taupo or Rotorua are flyfishing the famous rivers such as the Tongariro, Waitahanui and Ngongotaha; or trolling, harling or jigging from a boat.  Flyfishing from the lakeshore is sometimes overlooked, yet it is a great option for beginners.  As a bonus it can sometimes yield monster trout.

To start you need to get kitted up with waders and flyfishing rod and line.  If you are with a flyfishing guide they will be able to advise on whether you need a floating or sinking line, depending on your location.  If you are trying it yourself, then check in at the nearest fishing shop and they will give you good local advice and knowledge about what line to use and also what flies are currently working well. Common flies include woolly buggers, boobies, big glowbugs and rabbit flies.  Taupo and Rotorua fishing shops stock a huge selection of flies and for a small fee they will alsol hire you waders and fishing lines if you need them.  In Taupo and Rotorua the Hunting and Fishing shops are good options and if in Turangi try the Sporting Life shop.

Flyfishing from the lakeshore is often focused around where rivers, streams and even drains enter a lake; or sometimes where trout have been released or come to spawn along a beach.  For a beginner it can be very helpful to be able to cast across the rip of water entering the lake as this can carry your line out further into the lake than where you may have been able to cast.  In some places you will have to share spots with other anglers, but if you get to a stream mouth and find no-one else then position yourself just to the side of the rip and cast out into the lake so your line lands just across the water flow.  You can then feed out more line and let the current take it.  With this type of fishing you can often leave your flies out there for five minutes or more before starting a slow retrieve.  For a beginner this is often easier than flyfishing in a river where much more care needs to be given to the line and flies.  Often the trout will race off with your line, or in some cases it may be a small tug to which you will need to raise your rod sharply and pull on the line to set the hook.

The best times to try this type of flyfishing are at change of light, both morning and evening.  The fishing can be great year round with big brown trout coming in close to the shore over summer and autumn and spawning rainbows coming in from late autumn to early spring.  If you would like a crack at a big trout but don't have the confidence for river flyfishing methods then try this technique.  If you want to increase the odds further then come fishing with The New Zealand Flyfishing Company. You might just be rewarded with a trout to astound your friends and a story to live-off for the rest of your life.

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