Experience a dolphin encounter you'll never forget!

Experiencing wild animals in their natural environment and being able to join them is something you will never forget!

Swimming with wild dolphins is one of those things that is on most peoples bucket lists and if its not, it should be!
Everyday we head out into the beautiful Bay of Plenty in search of fulfilling peoples dreams of swimming with dolphins.
From the get go in the morning, you can see the excitement in peoples faces as they jump on board with their wetsuits raring to go!

The Bay of Plenty lives up to its name with a variety of marine life hanging around this season. We’ve had numerous encounters with the magnificent orca, the largest member of the dolphin family. Also having some incredible experiences with Pigmy blue and Brydes Whales, the gigantic Leatherback Turtles and Sunfish (mola mola), plentiful arrays of the diving Australasian Gannets and even a few Albatross have flown past to say hello.

Not to mention, the favourite amongst our guests the common dolphins. These playful and friendly dolphins have been giving our guests the time of their lives this season by showing off their diving skills whilst riding the bow and jumping and splashing about as the screams, cheers and clapping gets louder. It is such an incredible experience to see these mammals in the wild and we are so blessed that they chose to join us for the day and give us the most memorable experience.

After enjoying the cheekiness of these dolphins our swimmers are eager to get into the water and be able to experience them in their natural environment by getting up close and personal as the dolphins are curious creatures and swim around the guests. You can hear the squeals and cheering coming from the guest’s snorkels once they hop in the water, and the look of pure joy in their face as they get back on the boat shows that this experience is something they will hold with them for a lifetime.

Here in Tauranga, we are in the game of making peoples dreams come true! We strive to create an unforgettable experience with the dolphins, and do something that very few people in the world get to experience!

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